Raw Feeding

We can supply what you need for Raw Feeding… including the right information!

What’s it all about?

No, Raw Feeding isn’t a new fad diet! On the contrary, it’s all about allowing your dog or cat to return to natural feeding habits. Clearly the modern, domestic or working dog and the fireside cat doesn’t need to catch and kill its own dinner in the same way their wild ancestors would have, so instead the principles of Raw Feeding encourage owners to supply the nutrients and ingredients required to give your dog or cat:

  •  A more natural diet
  • More alternatives to mass-produced commercial diets
  • A healthier diet which includes more raw ingredients
  • More of a wholefood and less of a “fast” food diet (as in cereal-based pellets and nibbles which dry food presents as, even it is more convenient for us)!

Raw feeding isn’t just about what your pet gains, it’s also about what it removes for your pet too:

  • The preservatives and additives found in commercial pet foods.
  • The “unnatural” constituents of food, such as in pellet or nibble forms, which your pet wouldn’t live on in the wild.
  • Diet related health problems, such as digestive upsets, diabetes, obesity and bladder stones – illnesses which happen over the long-term , after a lifetime of a predominantly commercially produced diet.

Nurturing by Nature

Our raw diet is not a complete meal, It’s is a complete diet! By feeding a variety of raw foods over the course of time you will provide your four legged friends with a natural diet that would be much the same as if they were roaming free.

Starting out feeding raw…

At Everything Pets, we aim to help support you (and the long term pet health of your furry friend) if you are seeking a natural alternative to commercial pet foods.

As you research the topic, you’ll probably find that there are two main methods, but the decision over which one you use will depend on your individual pet’s personality and preferences – you know it best!

Either way, it’s worth bearing in mind that:

  • Dogs particularly may seem to lose  weight over the early weeks due to fat loss. As your dog becomes healthier, it will build muscle and start to regain weight, but this will take longer.
  • The correct amount of meat needed for your pet will depend on many factors, including  age, breed type, exercise amount and attitude.
  • You shouldn’t use a combination of raw feeding and commercial feeding in the same meal.
  • 12 hours should be allowed for a commercial meal to pass through before feeding a raw meal
  • At least 4 hours should be allowed for a raw meal to pass through your pet’s digestive system.
  • If your pet refuses the raw feeding meal then refrigerate it and offer it again at the next meal time – don’t leave it down.

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